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Monday, August 25, 2014

Welcome To My Monday Head Noise

A few weeks ago, Ole Boy and I were in Huntsville and knocking around and I decided that I had to have some ice cream or die.  We pulled into Brewster’s and placed our order.  When we pulled to the window…someone had already paid for our frozen delight.   This morning, I paid it forward in the Jack’s breakfast drive-through.  I would brag about how nice I was if merely five minutes later I didn’t want to let some chick in front of me in traffic so that she wouldn’t be in the turning lane.   I let her, finally, but I made her work for it. ::::eyeroll:::  Does it really hurt to be nice twice in the same morning??

Ice cream and biscuits?   I told y’all I gave up on any semblance of dieting.

Speaking of diets, it is not just in my head:  Carbs begat carbs, meaning, of course, that the more I eat them, the more I want them, and that vicious cycle is a bottomless pit of not being satisfied!   I meant what I said HERE.  Only His grace and love will set me free. 

Libtards and Repugs?  If you ever read the comment sections on news sites (not an activity I can whole-heartedly recommend) you’d notice that commenters are not nice to each other.  They are all saying pretty the same thing to and about each other…name-calling and accusations...and each one is so convinced they are 100% correct.   Truth is, none of us have all the answers. 

Christians shouldn’t fall into that pit.   We can comment and express our opinion, but we don’t have to slip into the mire and join the force of ugliness when someone is rude and unfair to us…even when we are convinced we are 100% correct!   If you like to comment, then you are putting yourself “out there” and you will have people who disagree.  Be nice.   You are representing Christ, for Heaven’s sake.  (Let me get my mirror out and preach to myself.  I really need to work on my own sarcasm…and letting people in front when they need to be in my lane…even if she didn’t put on a blinker.)

I stand with Rick Perry.   I think what has happened to him is an abuse of power to the highest degree.  Justice demands that the tables are turned and those who are behind these accusations stand accused and indicted.  

Do you realize that God is very serious about justice?   I need a soapbox!   Justice is mentioned over 500 times in the Bible…the Lord loves justice! (Isaiah 61:8)  It displeased the Lord when there was no justice, and he marveled that there was no intercessor. (Isaiah 59)  The foundation of the throne is righteousness and justice (Psalm 89:14), and Jesus, Himself, called it the weightier matter.  (Matthew 23:23)

I’ll write more about this later…but Christian friends, it’s time to get our praying boots on for the plight of our country!  I’ve never made any secret of the fact that I felt Barak Obama was the wrong choice for America.   I know there have been times of social unrest and racial tensions before, but I’ve never personally seen it as bad as it is right now.  Friends, America is in peril!  Freedoms are being methodically stripped away.   It’s more important than ever that we pray for our president and for the leaders of our great country…otherwise, I fear we will not be a great country for very much longer.  There is blindness and deception at every turn.   Pray for light in this dark, dark world!

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  1. " I know there have been times of social unrest and racial tensions before, but I've never personally seen it as bad as it is right now."

    While I agree completely with the several points you've made here, I've not only seen it as bad as it is right now, I've seen it worse. You are, perhaps, too young?

    The 60's saw riots, children killed who were trying to go to school, assassinations, lynchings. Yes, it's been worse. The racial tension is different now, however. Not as violent, but poisonous, nonetheless.

    I'll tell you where freedom is being lost--it's in the area of religious freedom. Frighteningly lost. The verses on calling good, evil and evil, good come to mind loud and clear.

    1. Yes...I was born in the 60's, but do not have memories of that time period. I am painfully aware of how bad it was, and I'm thankful it's not that bad now. But it is...bad. "Poisonous" is a very good term.

      The most frightening part of the loss of religious freedom is that no one seems to be fighting it very had, and people back down and apologize at the drop of a hat. I'd better not even get my boots on, I'll be typing all night on this.

      I am aware that I am not doing much to fight, either. Perhaps none of know exactly what to do?

  2. So true, Meg, about praying for our president and leaders; I really need to do that more. It is a sad time we live in, in so many different ways; thankful we do have the hope of Jesus. How neat with the pay it forward concept; glad you were the recipient and then the giver. I always let people into traffic (well usually always). I figure it is sometimes better to maybe have a bad driver or a driver in a hurry in front of me instead of behind me; I can keep a better eye on them that way :)



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