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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Modern Day Miracle

Part 3
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In 2005, some 17 years after the accident, Ron began having frequent double vision.   He went to an ophthalmologist, who informed him that he had 20/15 vision, explaining that his eyes were even better than normal.  Having no explanation for the double vision, he sent Ron for an MRI. 

After the MRI was complete, the tech and Ron were looking at the results, and the tech turned to Ron with a stunned look on his face and asked if he’d ever had a head injury.   Ron told him, “Yes, some years ago.  Why?”    The tech pointed to a black spot on his X-ray and replied, “Nothing.”   Ron said, “Nothing?  Man, it looks like something!”   The tech said, “That’s what I’m telling you, it’s nothing there, because it’s nothing there!”

Ron asked, “Nothing?  Like no brain?”   The tech nodded, still looking at Ron with that dumbfounded look.   Ron asked him what that part of the brain controlled, and the tech told him, “Motoring skills.”    Ron asked, “Like moving?  Walking, running, and jumping?”   The tech nodded, looking Ron straight in the eye in disbelief, and said “Yes.”   Ron was silent for a long moment, then he got tickled and began to laugh.  He said, “Well, now!  This is kind of crazy!   I move around pretty good now, and I don’t even have the brains to do it!”  The tech almost smiled, but his stunned astonishment kept him from it.

Notice the hole in the upper right quadrant.
Ron’s last word on this story:   "Now try to tell me God is nothing but Awesome!"


  1. I would frame this x-Ray & hang in prominent spot in my home, office or business. I would have this entire 3 part blog printed & framed next to x-Ray. Perfect segway to open witness opportunities with people about Salvation thru Jesus Christ.
    Would also serve as a lovely reminder how suffering & sacrifice brings a person into a closer more intimate relationship with our Lord.
    Of course, all Ron needs to do to remember that more intimate relationship with God is to take in a deep breath of Life.......

    God Bless,
    Victorian , Madison AL

  2. I've enjoyed reading this story each day. Thanks for sharing it,.........

  3. Amen!! such a wonderful story; I am glad you continue to share it Meg!



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