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Sunday, August 17, 2014

A Family Affair

Meet the Grands.... and grand they are!

Thursday, I took off work to spend a "Fun Day" with the kids before school starts back.   We first went to Dollar Tree, because there, they can pick out anything in the store...FIVE times!   It was a beautiful day, so we headed to the park...

 photo 20140814_136_zpsb031d038.jpg
Deibert Park
 photo 20140814_78_zps1aafc29c.jpg
Olivia...the fabulous Miss O
See this face...she gets just about anything she wants.
 photo 20140814_32_zps645fb8e4.jpg
Including press on nails...

 photo 20140814_34_zps3427b40c.jpg
The deed is done!
 photo 20140814_50-3_zps65007804.jpg
Our Diva
She had grown bored with the nails and tossed
them into the water for the turtles.
 photo 20140814_75_zps417b6237.jpg
Samara's the quiet one...the rule follower!  Such a sweet spirit.
 photo 20140814_74_zps075052a2.jpg
Devon, the practical joker...the keeper of odd knowledge...the science lover!
 photo 20140814_57_zpsf243a2ea.jpg
The Clan
 photo 20140814_53_zps8f8ceee9.jpg
Les and the kids.
Not sure if Les laughing on the inside or just wanting me to hurry and snap the photo!
Notice Olivia...she seems to have both boys by the ear.
 photo 20140814_47_zps2915182e.jpg
Ashton, the Sweetheart
 photo 20140814_11_zpsb3d11a58.jpg
Beautiful, Sweet, Animal Lover
 photo 20140814_79_zps555fbd37.jpg
Ashton and Olivia...such a gentleman!
 photo 20140814_81_zps9ced25c9.jpg
Doing a little pole climbing
 photo 20140814_116_zps1da45068.jpg
There was very little time for nature shots.


  1. They are growing up so fast! All adorable! Glad you got to spend the day with them!


  2. Such beautiful children! Thanks for sharing their pictures with us.

  3. Such a beautiful family you have there!

  4. It is apparent the siblings have very close protective and loving relationships. They will always know how important GOD and Family is to heart and soul.
    They are so blessed to have a mom and grandmom to spend a special day with them making life long memories.


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