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Friday, July 11, 2014

The IRS Conversation...

She gave me her name and her ID number.   I wish I’d jotted it down, because I would have posted it along with this entry.

In addition to repeatedly trying to bring law concerning internationals into it (which had nothing a’tall to do with my question about exclusions) these are things actually said to me by the lady on the other end of the IRS Helpline:

·       “You just have to interpret it the best way you can.”  (What are you needed for then?  Can I apply that logic to my personal taxes?   I can interpret it mean I don’t pay taxes, but get a big refund anyway.  Hey!  It works for some, why not me?)
·       “I’m not a tax attorney, so…” (Answer to my question for clarity on the IRS written guidelines for my particular issue.)
·       “Go online.”  (That’s where I found your complex solution and confusing wording to a simple problem…hence the phone call, where I was on hold for over half an hour before I got Ms. Thang.)
·       “Let me see if I can find something on our website.”   (Said in the tone of, “Since you can’t manage to do it..."  She couldn't find anything.)
·       “It has to be one way or the other.”  (Profound.  Only that’s not what your website says…that’s why it’s called an exception.)

To detail the rest of the conversation would be too technical and get really boring, really quick.   With all the IRS publicity, you'd think I wouldn't be surprised and the ineptness of the agency.  Aren't these the people charged with handling Obama-scare...er...Obamacare?

I wonder how she figured out I was a conservative?  


  1. So did she take care of your problem? I only had to call the IRS one time when I got a VERY BIG tax refund (which was actually the amount of money I had paid in quarterly taxes since I was self employed at the time). I just wanted to know what to do with the check (though it was tempting to cash it, LOL). It did take the person I talked to a few minutes to realize that yes a mistake had been made and we still owed that money and it shouldn't have been refunded to us. Makes you indeed wonder if they really know what they are doing.


  2. You know, once when I called the IRS, I was told a couple of those same things. Word for Word! Specifically, "You need to interpret..." and "I'm not a tax attorney."

    That tax attorney one, as I recall, got a pretty...ummm...big response from me. So frustrating. We are also not tax attorneys--and we don't work for the IRS, either! haha. I can feel a rant bubbling up. I'll stop before it gets started, but I sure can remember that phone call.


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