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Saturday, May 24, 2014

The Potter's Hand

The Potter's Hand

Standing and waiting, 
As broken as the day
Head bowed low, 
I’ve even no more to pray
Having done all, 
I’m silent and still
As I yield to the Potter 
As clay on His wheel.
Damaged and marred 
By the world’s cruel drought
Aware that even I 
would have thrown me out
Weary and willing, 
I now yield control
And in the Potter’s hands, 
finally, I’m whole.

The Shoals, Alabama

Flashback Friday....
From my previous blog. 

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  1. That is wonderful. Would you mind if I tried to put some music to it?

  2. Is your blog copyrighted Meg? I have to agree with Dudley; I can see this as a song. It is, as Gina said, beautiful and the words are so true to describe the Potter.


    1. haha....wow...what a frenzy of copyright info I've been reading online. We've been blogging (and AOL Journaling) for what? 15 years? I've had more blogs than I can remember, and..come to think of it, you have too! haha I guess if someone really wanted to steal my stuff, they would. I'll probably keep on writing and keep on posting, even if they do. (But I hope they don't!) I'm pretty sure no one's gotten rich on my words yet...especially me! lolz

  3. A very lovely poem that delivers the ultimate message of Hope, Salvation & God's Unconditional Love.........


  4. Indeed. An important message here. Well done.

  5. Loved this. :)

    A note on copyright. It is my understanding that, all writings are owned by the original writer. Obtaining what we refer to as a copyright is, in fact, registering what you wrote--which proves that you were the original writer. It's a proof thing which trumps the he said/she said claims. Since this poem was on a dated blog, anyone who would lift it would have to prove that they wrote it prior to the date published on BR's blog.

    Having said that, a notice that what is written here is the property of the blogger wouldn't hurt.


    1. Yeah, I did that...and registered with a site that I had used a few years ago, for whatever good it does.

      Thanks for the kind words, Deb.


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