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Sunday, May 11, 2014

About the Mother of all Mother's Days...

  • It all started last week with a phone call about a questionable area on my mammogram, which resulted in another smash and an ultrasound on Thursday, the results of which I still do not know.  I really do have peace about this situation, however. 
  • Yesterday, I wanted to color my gray roots, but the plumbing in the tub went haywire…no amount of Drano did the trick, no “snake” was long enough, and no plunger could plunge enough.  I still have my gray roots…and the bad plumbing. 
  • At 3 a.m. this morning, Mr. Gibbs, the newest member of our family, decided that he must go outside.  He wouldn’t come in for thirty minutes.  By the time I got back to bed, I was wide awake, and didn’t go back to sleep until nearly 5.  
  • This morning, on the way in to church…the early service, mind you…Ole Boy had the audacity to express an opinion, so I was mad for the first half of the service.   Bless him.   By the time church was over, I loved him again. 
  • Because I am a procrastinator (and because of the plumbing ordeal yesterday), I didn’t have my mom a card or a gift.   I knew I wanted to get her a watch.  We left from church and went shopping.   A child was in the store wailing constantly several variations of “I don’t want to go home.”  “I want a movie.”  “But I really, really want a movie!” along with some unintelligible sentences, while the mother completely ignored the fact that there was safe place in the store where the rest of us were not subjected to her deafening outbursts. 
  • If that was you and your child, I apologize.  Not for saying the above, but for the fact that you are allowing a 4 year old to rule your roost.  Loudly.
  • Mom’s watch didn’t fit her right.
  • I got my daughter a ring…it didn’t fit.
  • My reaction to someone else’s action caused a snowball emotional effect, it was over before I knew how it happened, it was over and left me not knowing how to feel.  
  • I decided to drown my “sorrows” in some caramel cake.  I had fully decided to buy half a cake (they sell cakes like that in the grocery store) but none of the half cakes were caramel.  I only wanted a half, because even I can’t eat a whole cake in an evening.   I figured between me, Ole Boy, Mr. Gibbs and Roscoe, we could polish half a cake off because tomorrow is Monday, and of course, I have to start a new “diet.”  Or at least give up sugar. 
  • I’m serious about it this time!  Tomorrow’s "this time," I mean.  Of course, I was serious about it last Monday and the Monday before that, and… 
  • I finally found a whole caramel cake.   It must have been baked in golden pans because it cost $18.00.   $17.89 to be exact.   Really?   I don’t think so.  I understand why there was no half caramel cake…surely no on in their right mind would pay $9 for half a cake!   I decided to get some Little Debbie Caramel Cookie Bars instead.   There were none.   I got strawberry pie, instead.   It can be frozen, I don’t have to eat the whole thing.  It will be there to tempt me tomorrow.
  • Even with all the misadventures, I am blessed…I still have my mother, and she’s precious.   I have a great hubby who puts up with me when I pout, I have a beautiful daughter who loves me, even if she does get frustrated with me a lot.   I have the sweetest grandchildren ever, and above all, Jesus loves me.  Yes, even me, with all my bad attitudes! 
I hope your Mother’s Day was a peaceful one.  


  1. You and Ole Boy might have to have a policy you don't talk on the way to church :) Seriously, my daughter used to say something on the way to church 9/10 Saturdays (we would go Saturday evening) that would have me either upset or in tears for the service. I finally told her unless it was an emergency, she could not talk the whole way to church (10 minutes) but could talk afterwards all she wanted (it worked).

    You are truly blessed to have your mom with you; I know you know that; treasure her, as I know you do.

    All in all, it did seem like a good day; watches can be returned and rings returned to ones that fit; but being with those you love was priceless, I am sure.


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  3. Love your honesty and your transparency. We should all be more like this. And ((hugs)) Wish I were there to have a slice of cake with you. I don't care what flavor. If there's cake ... I'm your girl. LOL (But Caramel is my favorite)

  4. What a day. I am glad, when all was said and done, that you have a mother and daughter who you love & love you. Not everyone does. Hugs.


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