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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

About the A in A to Z

People (celebrities, televangelists, media, etc.) who speak the truth then realize people are offended by it, and apologize lose my respect.  I like to see people stand their ground instead of caving.   Not that the truth doesn’t sometimes hurt, but truth should never be used to wound someone else.  I can think of some who should apologize:  The Clintons and Obama for morally bankrupting our country come to mind immediately. 

I’m slower to anger than I used to be, and quicker to cool down, but I still know how to nurse a good grudge.   That’s nothing to brag about.  Patience is not an asset of mine.

My daughter is the single parent of four children, and she is working on her Bachelor degree.   I am not sure I could raise four little ones by myself…much less work school in there, too.  She has my respect. 

Disrespectful attitudes make me want to slap the ‘tude right off the face of the offender.   Again, patience is not my virtue.  I should work on that…but right now I’m (pretending) working on proper grammar. It ain't easy.

The word “Awesome” has lost its true meaning.  Even Merriam-Webster watered down the definition to fit its overuse.  A dazzling sunrise and a brilliant sunset are awesome.  Grace is awesome; as is God’s daily mercy.  It’s a shame that “awesome” has been used to describe the most mundane of activities.  

 photo XFence.jpg
See the A?   (I believe this was taken in Mt. Airy, NC)
 photo 2013AtoZAngel-RecordingAngelSchermerhornSymphonyCenter_zpsc1a7d997.jpg
Angel Wings...this is really no angel!  (Nashville, TN)
 photo WhiteAnthurium.jpg
Anthurium  (Opryland Hotel, Nashville, TN)
 photo VirginiaRoadsideFruitStand.jpg
Antiques (Just over the Virginia State Line)
 photo 2013AtoZ-GriffithAndy_zps348d4614.jpg
Andy Griffith and Opie at the Andy Griffith Museum in Mt. Airy, NC (Mayberry)


  1. Good morning! Lots to think about here. I like your approach so much I'm going to use it on one of my "problem" letters! I hope you'll take that as a compliment. Mary at Variety, the Spice of Life PS No apologies for being a copy-cat!

  2. Okay for someone who just worked on her entry yesterday, this rocked! Great one! I too admire your daughter! WTG for her for pursuing an education with the challenges she has before her, but in the long run how good it will be! I did see the "A" in the wood!


  3. Loved this. :) I especially agree with the "Apology" and "Awesome" entries.

    As far as the apology, I think it's okay to respond with an explanation that provides context and heart intent, but often those apologies go much further than that.

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who cringes at the overuse of "awesome." Sometimes I feel like it is bordering on being disrespectful to God when someone says things lie their new shoes or the movie or the ballgame were awesome.

    Seriously? They are in AWE of shoes, a movie, or a ballgame? Ain't saying much, is it. So....what does that mean when thy say God is an awesome God if they're in awe of baseball? Seems like a pretty low bar to me.

    Snicker. I may have veered off into the "lunatic fringe zone." I'll make my way back.


    1. You always toss in a sentence or two that makes me giggle.

  4. Awesome...oops....Sorry...ooops. No I am not sorry.

  5. hello! I think I've followed you at some point. I tried to follow this blog, but the system would not let me. I've had the same problem all day, trying to follow blogs. Anywhoo...I'm glad to find other believers in the blogosphere, so maybe you can email a facebook page link, if you have one. I could stay connected that way. my fb page is:https://www.facebook.com/pages/Adventures-in-the-Ballpark-Marianne-Ball/394038163950377?ref=hl

    Of visit my blog: http://adventuresintheballpark.blogspot.com

    1. Yes! I remember you from Margaret's Musings! Thanks for visiting me here!

  6. You, my friend, are Awesome (notice the capital A).

    1. Oh, Girl...I am so far from awesome it ain't even funny.

  7. Perhaps you should change your blog title to What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG). I'm not being insulting by showing the abbreviation - it's just that I dealt with that very topic in my first alphabet post.
    The aspect I like most about your post is the mix of prose and photography. Nicely done.

    1. Ha! Where were you over the last month while I was sweating over a name for my blog? I remember WYSIWYG from the tech guys at a former place of employment...going to take a look at your first entry. Thanks for visiting!

  8. I'm so confused by some of these comments. Why would people tell you that you're awesome when you just wrote about your displeasure at the inappropriate use of that word? Is it supposed to be a joke or a dissent to your opinion? I have no idea.

    1. Hey Deb... Both Ann and rmslil were joking. Rmsil made a play on two points. :)


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